Studio Projects

Mohan Samant (1924-2004)

Samant painting

Barbara Bertieri and Abraham Joel are the conservators in charge of the care and preservation of the Mohan Samant paintings held by Jillian Samant in New York, Mumbai and Paris.

mohansamant-samant-painting-iiMohan worked with a wide range of materials as described in the two-volume book “Mohan Samant Paintings & Erotic Sketchbooks” (“Media, Objects, Techniques”, B. Bertieri and A. Joel, pages 374-381) published by Mapin Publishing Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad, India, 2013.

Samant inserting a wire section
Samant using the pallet knife

Among the numerous materials and techniques Samant employed and mastered, the following are the ones he used more often:
watercolour, tempera, ink, crayon, acrylic paint, string or twine with an adhesive and stucco or plaster, spray paint, wire, insect specimens, gouache, felt-tip pens, pencil, oil paint, glue and sand, plaster and paper tape, cutouts, toys, wood boxes inserted into the canvas and frames as an extension of the painting.

Here are a few examples that illustrate his complex handling of the various materials.